Massage Therapy

Specialized Treatments

Massage Therapy
Sessions are customizable, which means one can choose from light or therapeutic work depending on how what is needed that day. Couple this session with an add-on such as hot stone or aromatherapy and you are in heaven!

100 Minute Massage
For when you need more time

90 Minute Massage
For when you need more time

60 Minute Massage
For when you need more time

45 Minute Massage
For when you need more time

30 Minute Massage
An express massage for the busy professional

Prenatal Massage
This 90 minute service is perfect for the expectant mother. The pregnancy pillow will allow her to relax and lie on her stomach to address sore areas such as the low back, neck, shoulders, and feet.

Raindrop Treatment
This 90 minute service involves using 9 Young Living essential oils: Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Majoram, Peppermint and two blends of Valor and Aroma Siez on the feet and along the spine. Use this treatment to improve mood and anxiety. This is also good for managing symptoms of inflammation, and chronic autoimmune diseases. When done regularly, it can vastly improve the body’s immune system.

Cranial Sacral Treatment
30 Minutes of work on the Head, Face, Neck and Shoulders. Use as a standalone treatment or add on to a massage of your choice.

While keeping fully clothed, this treatment focuses on the neck and shoulders, lower legs and feet. Be prepared to completely zone out!

Add-on Treatments

Hot Stone Massage
Add warmed stones to your customized massage session. Hot stones add extra pressure as well as help to sooth sore muscles, ease tension and improve circulation. 

CBD Enhanced Massage
Add high quality, organic CBD Creme and Muscle Gel to your massage to help with aches and pains. CBD is also helpful in rejuvenating the skin and improving circulation.

Cold Stone Facial
Cold facial stones help with sinus pain, pressure and puffiness. Add them to a sacral massage session for the ultimate experience.

Himalayan Pink Salt Stones
These salt stones are heated and applied to the body creating a relaxing hot stone massage. Himalayan Pink Salt Stones also are thought to promote detoxification.