Finally Found Pain Relief

I was in a car accident in 2015 that resulted in five ruptured discs and a broken foot. After three surgeries, I was put back together with titanium and most of the pain has been resolved… with the exception of chronic spasming muscles in my neck and back. I am a challenge for any massage therapist, and it takes an especially talented, and well trained therapist to figure out how to work my specific issues. Kate is that talented therapist! Her extensive training and experience is the perfect match for my stubborn muscle knots. With regular appointments, am able to stay out of pain, and able to enjoy an active schedule of farming, inn-keeping, and adventures with my family. Thank you Kate for your expertise and guidance for living a pain free life!

CBD Oil in Massage Therapy

Let me just start by saying that there’s nothing I hate more than when people tell me to “relax.” As a highly emotional person, this is possibly the worst thing you can say to me when I’m feeling stressed or high-strung, and I guarantee that I will do the exact opposite the second I hear those words (my ex-boyfriends can attest!). Therefore, I felt like I had come to a place that understood me when I walked into the massage therapy studio and saw that all the staff were wearing shirts that said, “Don’t tell me to relax.” Finally, a place full of kindred spirits who understood me. lIf more people realized that relaxing is not just something you can tell yourself to do, the world might be a more understanding place.